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Netflix, UN Women launch “Because She Watched” collection to celebrate the power of storytelling

Netflix and UN Women have launched Because She Watched” – a special Netflix collection of series, documentaries, and films to celebrate International Women’s Day. Read more

Meet the new Canon EOS 2000D Travel Photography Kit — The Complete Travel Solution

From beach breaks with loved ones to jungle treks, these moments are treasured forever, and there is no better way to store these memories apart from through photographs.

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L.I.T is Lit

Lost in Time! The title itself, eye-catchy. Goes without saying that a movie without a good title is in itself quite bland and leaves no room for genuine intrigue. The movie holds bags in terms of surprises and unexpected turns and its creative and well thought out screenplay accompanied by moments of emotional intensity makes it well worth the watch.  Read more

Canon, KFC collaborate to accelerate the development of the film industry in Kenya

Canon has partnered with the Kenya Film Commission, established by the Kenyan government in 2005, to promote the film industry in Kenya locally and internationally.

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Tech innovations that have changed the film industry over time

When we think of technology and innovation today, ones and zeroes pop into our heads. From cloud computing to Virtual Reality to VFX Effects and Camera Technology enhancement it is clear that the industry has also felt the effect of disruption that comes with technology. Read more

Scenic Kenyan Sites that Inspired the Lion King Remake

Disney’s new Lion King remake has, unsurprisingly, been a box office hit. In an interview on Conde Nast Traveler blog with James Chinlund, who was the Production Designer of Lion King, stated that the whole process started with a research trip to Kenya, with copious reference photos taken of the landscape and animals. Read more

Here’s what you can truly expect to make if you break into Hollywood

It takes a huge team to put together the product of a film that we tend to enjoy in our living rooms. I know this is obvious, but what is not so obvious is maybe how much the team involved takes home especially in Hollywood. Read more

A creative lens for all shots; here is what you need to know about the new Canon RF lens

Canon has expanded its RF lens range with the launch of the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM – its newest lens for creative enthusiasts starting out on their journey with the EOS R System.

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You have probably watched it! It is one of the films that has received widespread acclaim upon its release on Netflix on 31st May.

As we wait for another release today on Netflix, which will be more of a follow-up of the mini-series, titled Oprah Winfrey Presents When They See Us Now, we still can’t hide our excitement. Read more

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