November 2, 2019 Tufilamu Pictures

L.I.T is Lit

Lost in Time! The title itself, eye-catchy. Goes without saying that a movie without a good title is in itself quite bland and leaves no room for genuine intrigue. The movie holds bags in terms of surprises and unexpected turns and its creative and well thought out screenplay accompanied by moments of emotional intensity makes it well worth the watch. 

The movie, produced by Film Lab Kenya and Spearhead Entertainment with other associate partners,  stars a character by the name Sam (George Mo) Who is haunted by the realities of a heavy loss and goes through denial. The film highlights mental illness and the importance of having the support of loved ones, at all times. The movie uses the power of illusion to differentiate reality and what is fictional.

The film further emphasizes how fundamentally critical it is to be surrounded by genuine friends and also the need to genuinely be there for those around you, family, neighbor or friend!

Kenyan Cinema has indeed come of age, and L.I.T further illustrates the same. Make time, watch and enjoy.

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